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Top Supplier Of Quality Chicken, Pork and Beef At Affordable Prices.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way







Brazilian wholesale, frozen chicken, Beef and Pork Exporters.

Tried and Trusted wholesale best brand frozen chicken, beef and pork exporters in Brazil from approved SIF .

As a Brazilian wholesale frozen Meat Manufacturer, Supplier, distributor and exporter, We offer an extensive list of premium quality frozen chicken, Beef and Pork brand names your company can trust. Sourced from top-tier, fully certified and ISO compliant manufacturers in Brazil, With a complete engagement from processing to delivery. Our quality and highly demanded brands is what sets us aside.

We export a wide range of best brand tasty all-natural Grade A frozen chicken, Pork and Beef to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore France, Mexico, Angola, Malaysia and major export markets worldwide.

Our supply network extensively covers every sector of the frozen meats market in the globe, including Importers, Manufacturers, wholesalers, major supermarket chains, fast food chains, Chinese restaurants, western restaurants, hotels and airlines and  distributors in the meat market with Approved processing SIF plants for beef, chicken and pork meats destined to the European Union, china, Japan, Middle East, Asia and America.

Packaging sizes can be tailored made for wholesale and retail purposes in order to meet buyers requirements.

As a market leader in the Brazilian and USA frozen meat export, We are ready to work hard to win and maintain your loyalty.  You can truly count on our commitment to excellence to deliver superior-value goods and services,

With our combination of Prices / Discounts, Proven Quality, Fast delivery, and Reliability second to Non.

Approved Brazil SIF chicken, Beef and Pork Suppliers – Purchase with confidence


As a global wholesale exporter of poultry and meat , Our one goal remain the same, to provide healthy frozen chicken , Beef and Pork, and promote health and happiness around the world; also with adherence shown to the religious beliefs of our customers by our halal chicken and Halal Beef supply’s which are sourced from certified Halal meat producing plants in Brazil.

In our effort to ensure the highest quality frozen Meat, Our manufacturing plants are fully comply with all local and international food safety standards along with agreeing to regular plant audits and production inspections, we spare no expense when it comes to the quality and safety of the products that we provide.

Along with providing quality products at competitive pricing, We can also assist you negotiate special sale pricing and a dedicated shipping arrangement geared towards meeting the growing demands of our teeming customers irrespective of where they are.

Utilizing computerized inventory control, order processing and invoicing, we are able to quickly and accurately process client orders.

With more than 20 years of history, our policies of fair dealing, quality products and prompt service have maintained and enhanced our fine reputation both nationally and internationally. Today these are still our main corporate objectives… and from this stems the dependability and overall quality you can count on.


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